I teach various HPS courses in Lyman Briggs’ History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science program. I also lead responsible conduct of research (RCR) classes for graduate students and train-the-trainer workshops for faculty.

Spring 2021

LB492: Darwin’s Law
Mode: Online by Zoom
MW 10:20 am – 12:10 pm

The workings of Darwin’s law are observable not just in biology, but in any system that meets its basic conditions. Combining biology, computer science and philosophy of science, this course will examine evolution in action in both natural and digital systems. It will also examine the philosophical and legal issues as they came into play when creationists challenged evolutionary science in the courts.

This course will be conducted primarily in seminar format, emphasizing class discussion and student-led presentations. We will work to develop skills of effective group discussion and oral presentation. Students will also write and defend a thesis in a major research paper.